Our Process

You want to build a custom home, but where do you start? You may say to yourself, “There are so many things to consider I already feel behind, and how much is all of this going to cost?” Building is a big step but our clean sequential building process can make the experience fun and rewarding for you and your family. Let’s take a look.

let's start the fun!


Initial Contact: Prior to Build

Duration: 2-8 weeks
Investment: Complimentary


There is no one starting point to creating a home. Some of our clients are working from an existing lot, others are relocating from another city or state and others are building for the first time or wanting to create their forever home. Whatever your circumstance, we meet you where you are. In our initial Welcome Package we focus on three primary components: First: We want to understand your vision, your ‘true north’ of the project which can be achieved with few emails followed up with a phone call. Second: Do you have a lot? If so we will look into property details and how they pair with your vision of the build. If you do not yet have a lot, we can assist you with finding that perfect spot. Third: Budget, we want you to feel confident that the scope of the project and the budget are comfortably in reach. Based off initial discussions of the home and a site visit if possible, we can provide you a proposed budget trajectory. If the project is on track we have wonderful preferred financial lenders that offer competitive financial products and rates.


Designing your Home: Prior to Build

Duration: 4-16 weeks
Investment: Per project from $3499

Now the fun begins! In this step we will ask you to share three primary types of information with us so that we can begin to layer and organize the project.
Photos: Pinterest boards, Houzz idea books, magazine photos, etc.
Floor Plans: we would like to see anything that you find interesting.
Desires: a list of “must have, want to have, need to have, and do not want” helps us confirm that the drawing set includes only what is important and desired by you.


Purchasing a Lot: Prior to Build

Duration: 2-16 weeks
Investment: Lot specific

There are a lot of questions to be asked when purchasing a piece of ground. One of the most important questions to answer is “Will my project work with this lot?” It’s a great question, which is why we work so hard to gain clarity to the details of the dwelling prior to any property purchased or developing existing property. Additionally, one needs to consider elevation, zoning, and utilities available. Once the major concerns have been addressed we can begin to focus on the fun stuff like the setting of the home and driveway, the interior and exterior sight lines and axial orientation.


Site Preparation Prior to Build

Duration: 2-16 weeks
Investment: From $2800

When we begin to prepare the site, we are getting very close to breaking ground. Site preparation can be very involved, but on a high level will likely include a surveyor for clearances on permits, approvals for utilities, layouts, and site access analysis.


Lending and Contract Documents

Duration: 4-6 weeks
Investment: From $249,000

If your project is going to be financed by a lender, most will require three documents; a drawing set, building specifications, and a contract. These signed documents will be submitted to the lender, an appraisal will be obtained and upon approval the project can begin. If the project is cash, the three documents are created just the same, but there is no appraisal. Once the contract is signed, the project can begin.


Buildertrend The Build

Duration: Duration of Project
Investment:  Complimentary

Buildertrend is a construction management cloud based software program with client portal capabilities. With BT you can receive jobsite updates and photos, approve change orders, and login to real time financial of your project. It’s a clean and efficient platform to connect the project, builder and client.


The Foundation The Build

Duration: 4-8 Weeks
Investment:  Detailed in Contract

The foundation is the beginning of the actual build. Dimensions and related details are built to spec and your project begins to come out of the ground. During this phase, the excavation, ICF foundation, waterproofing, under slab plumbing and concrete slab work will all be completed.


Under Roof The Build


Duration: 4-16 Weeks
Investment:  Detailed in Contract

From the foundation we begin building the walls of the main floor and above. In the Gold and Platinum series projects all above grade walls and roofs will be stick frame construction with spray foam. With the Emerald HP and Haut Monde series projects, most above grade walls and some of the roof will be ICFs. With little exception, all four series will have an engineered roof and floor system. We want your investment protected and it begins with engineered products like ICFs. Upon completion of the “under roof” phase, your project will be completely framed with doors and windows installed and the roof will be watertight.


Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEPs)

Duration: 4-12 Weeks
Investment:  Detailed in Contract

In this phase the mechanical trades such as HVAC, electrical and plumbing begin. The drawing set and specs provide the layout for the kitchen and bathroom areas, and all piping, wiring and associated items that need to be mounted in the wall cavities are roughed-in. Upon completion of MEP’s the project is inspected and staged for the insulation and drywall packages.


Insulation, Inspections, Drywall, and Exterior Finishes The Build

Duration: 3-6 Weeks
Investment:  Detailed in Contract

During this phase, the project really begins to take shape. The spray foam is applied in all contracted spaces, from the roof deck to soundproofing walls. An inspection is ordered to be granted approval to cover all exposed mechanicals. Now the drywall can be installed, and the project becomes a 3-D space. On the exterior, the trim, siding and brick or stone is applied. All the rooms, angles and turns come to life.


Paint, Flooring, Interior Trim, Cabinets and Tops The Build

Duration: 5-16 Weeks
Investment:  Detailed in Contract

Color, texture and function define this phase. We are now into the finishes of the project. Color will be applied to the walls, flooring and cabinets are installed. This is a fun phase as you get to see for the first time your selections fill the space.


Fixtures and Appliances The Build

Duration: 2-4 Weeks
Investment:  Detailed in Contract

The house is nearly complete, all the toilets, plumbing and light fixtures are in place. You can even ring your own doorbell. Products are tested for quality assurance and functional performance.


Punch Out and Closing The Build

Duration: 2-4 Weeks
Investment:  Detailed in Contract

The house is now complete. During punch out, we walk through the project top to bottom making sure all items are in place. Once that is complete there is a final clean that puts a sparkle on every item. Following the final clean, we will do a final walkthrough of the project with the client.

Welcome to Your New Home!


Warranty The Build

Duration: 12 Month
Investment:  Detailed in Contract

There is a lot of moving parts and pieces to a home. We do our best to deliver a product that is what we both want, but at times items do crop up. Within the first 12 months following completion of the build we address most cosmetic items. Appliances and fixtures are covered through manufacturers’ warranties. To further protect your investment, extended service agreements are available with several of our vendors, keeping your home operational and maintained.